Save Money on your Mortgage Loan
Benefits of our Biweekly payments program “Intellipay”:
  • huge interest savings
  • eliminating negative equity (avoid being "upside down" )
  • drastically reducing term
  • no mandatory start up fee
  • comfortable half payments
  • automatic withdrawal
  • credit building
  • flexible, friendly customer service
  • Get “right side up” in your RV

Example of Benefits
Example Traditional Financing Intellipay SM
Loan Balance $200,000 $200,000
Payment $1,199 $600 Bi-weekly
Term 30 Years 24 Years 9 Months
Term Reduction None 5 Years 3 Months
Interest Saved None $56,816

By simply paying your mortgage off biweekly you can have reduce your term buy 5 years, and realize savings of $56,000. At Equity & Financial Services we believe we have the right solution to help you decrease the time it takes to pay off your Mortgage with “IntelliPlan SM”. This payment program is an automated bi-weekly payment plan that helps reducing the amount of finance that you charges that you will pay your Mortgage quicker. Saving you money through one simple convenient process.

The logic behind this surprising benefit for you really isn’t that complicated. There are 26 bi-weekly periods in a year, which means that over a year you will make the equivalent of one extra payment. It may no seem like much, but because every extra cent goes to reduce your principal, the total amount you’ll pay …. and the length of time that you’ll pay it ……. goes way down. The bookkeeping makes good sense.

Equity and Financial Solutions is a well established provider of biweekly payments products. We offer customers this program across all areas, Automobiles’, Student Loans, and RV’s (make these link to the other pages if necessary) – if you think your savings are strong on the Student Loans, put your current Automobile and realize how much you can save!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Should everyone switch to IntelliPlan SM?

A: Only if it makes sense to your particular circumstance, this is because IntelliPlan SM transfers are made every two weeks rather than once a month, this plan may not work for everyone. But if your salary is paid weekly or bi-weekly …… if yours is a two household income….  Or if bi-weekly payments are otherwise within your means, all the advantages of Intelliplna SM can be yours.

Q: Can I pay bi-weekly without IntelliPlan SM?

A: Sorry, no. IntelliPlan SM special system is the only way bi-weekly transactions can be accommodated. Of course, you may achieve similar results on your own by submitting more than your regular payments each month to reduce your principle faster and save finance charges. However many customer prefer the automatic ease of IntelliPlan makes possible

Q: Can my designated account be at any bank?

A: Yes. With very few exceptions, most banks, credit unions and savings institutions checking or savings will do fine.

Q: Can the amount of my bi-weekly amount change?

A: Certainly. If your payment goes down, or if there is a delay starting, savings will go down. If your payment goes up due to an extra amount applied to principle payments, your savings will go up.

Q: How can I take advantage of the interest savings benefits and Equity Building Benefits IntelliPlan SM offers?

A: Simply contact call your IntelliPlan SM professional toll free at 1-  800-616-4702 , or Contact Us and send us an email at 

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