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  • We refer to Equity and Financial Solutions as EFS and Fidelity Contract Services as FCS and PROPAY USA as PROPAY.
  • FCS was originally formed in 1985, EFS was formed in 2004 and its latest division PROPAY was formed in 2006. The company is composed of two blocks of business:
    • The first block is administering the terms of seller carry back financing. For this portion of the business, FCS maintains the principal and interest ledgers for the parties involved.
    • The second block of business is the bi-weekly debit service. We debit buyer's accounts on a bi-weekly basis.
  • All clients' funds are kept and maintained in a FDIC insured trust accounts with Wells Fargo for your protection.
  • FCS, EFS and PROPAY also carries a one million dollar errors and omissions policy along with a two million dollar employee dishonesty policy for your protection.
  • EFS and FCS  are an active members of the local Chamber of Commerce as well as a member of The Better Business Bureau. PROPAY USA has a Banking Licence governed by state and federal regualtions.   All funds are FDIC insured.
  • If you need additional information please let us know



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