Q. Should everyone switch to The IntelliPlan?

    A. No, because The IntelliPlan transfers are made every two weeks rather than once a month, this plan may not work for everyone. But if your salary is paid weekly or bi-weekly...if yours is a two income household...or if bi¬weekly payments are otherwise within your means, all of the advantages of The IntelliPlan can be yours.

    Q. Can I pay bi-weekly without The IntelliPay Plan?

    A. Sorry, no. The IntelliPlan special system is the only way bi-weekly transactions can be accommo¬dated. Of course, you may achieve similar results on your own by submitting more than your regular payment each month to reduce your principal balance faster and save interest. However, many customers prefer the automatic ease The IntelliPay Plan makes possible.

    Q. Can my designated account be at any bank?

    A. Yes. With very few exceptions, most banks, credit unions and savings institutions checking or savings will do fine.

    Q. I usually trade my vehicle in about every 31/2 years. Will I still realize the savings and equity building benefits of The IntelliPlan?

    A. Absolutely. As the illustration reflects on the middle page of this pamphlet, you can save hundreds of dollars in interest and have considerably more equity in your vehicle than you otherwise would if you were to pay your auto loan the traditional way.

    Q. Can the amount of my bi-weekly transfer change?

    A. Certainly. If your payment goes down, savings will go down. If your payment goes up due to an extra amount applied to principal payments, your savings will go up.

    Q. How do I take advantage of the interest saving and equity building benefits The IntelliPlan offers?

    A. Simply contact your dealership finance professional or call your IntelliPlan professional at 1-800-616-4702.
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